在BG大游,BG大游官网相信整个孩子的发展. This very much includes development of the arts including music, 视觉艺术与戏剧.

从一开始, 学龄前儿童有唱歌的机会, 在每天的基础上创造和执行. 这些机会来自于小组的歌曲和表演, dramatic play outside and the independent exploration of art materials and concepts on the Montessori “art shelf.“辨别的能力, 匹配, and sequence sounds are also developed when using sound materials in the sensorial section of the classroom, 以及乐器.

When a student enters into the elementary years, more formal education begins. Children learn the essential elements and principles in music and visual art on a weekly basis. They also begin weekly poetry recitation: this skill teaches students memorization, 公众演讲技巧, 以及如何成为一个好的听众. Every year, elementary children participate in memorable theatrical presentations. Their expanded memory for recitation serves them well when they have to memorize several hundred lines for their plays!

One of the main facets of The Westwood School is its sense of community and nowhere is this aspect more evident than in the support and respect the students give each other while preparing for their roles and production responsibilities.

The first full-scale play production comes in the Upper Elementary (grades four through six). Students enjoy demonstrating their choral talents and discovering the musical abilities of their friends. They participate in building their first sets and being helped by the IB Diploma students.

Westwood’s goal is to help students gain a better understanding of William Shakespeare’s plays and to challenge students intellectually and emotionally to better understand themselves and their responsibilities in reaching goals, 无论是个人还是团体.

After reading and studying the themes and language of Shakespeare, students in Grade 7 and Grade 8 produce and direct one of the plays. 在管理人员和老师的指导下, students add a twist to Shakespeare’s masterpieces by setting the selected play in another era. 过去的作品曾聚焦于20世纪50年代的哈瓦那, 一战前的法国, 美国西部的主题, 和20世纪的大学校园.

This production enables students to stretch further than just acting. They also learn the scope of producing, directing, advertising, and technical aspects of the theatre. In addition to planning and building sets (including light and sound systems) students design and sew the costumes and research the make-up and hairstyles appropriate for the production.

公关人员制作t恤, 设计和编写游戏程序, 并向BG大游的家庭宣传这部戏. The production affords all students the opportunity to practice their project and team skills.

All Westwood students in grades 9 and 10 continue to take a trimester each of music, 视觉艺术与戏剧. 当BG大游官网在11年级进入文凭课程时, they choose one of the three areas they wish to study in more depth. BG大游提供视觉艺术课程和戏剧课程. All juniors travel to New York in their junior year to conduct an intensive study of their chosen subject (see ALPS information). Total theatre production including the intricacies of technical lighting and sound design continue into the High School years. Eleventh graders assist with staging and “working” the Upper Elementary production, performing & 负责九年级/十年级的制作,并担任导演 & 设计7 /8级产品. Twelfth graders devise, design, direct, and perform in their own collaborative theatre pieces.

From drawing and painting maps in preschool to creating book covers in sixth grade, Westwood students have access to many media for their visual expressions in Lower School. They learn about artists’ styles and genres of art and then experiment while expressing their own ideas. Weekly art lessons and art materials available in each classroom give many opportunities to bring their concepts into reality.

在高中, students have several lessons each week in art and have extra time to make their creations. 在11年级, if Visual Art is their choice then they create portfolios and pieces to meet the criteria given and display their work for the public. 为他们创造, 这些BG大游官网记录了过程日志, researched the medium and methods and put together an Art Show that is highly praised.

Westwood has been well represented in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) Arts competitions. Westwood students were the State Champions 1A during the 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2017-2018学年!

“School administration has gone all out over the past couple of years to provide a great athletic program for its students. A parent volunteer has handled the preschool and elementary grades most notably getting Westwood students involved with Marathon Kids. 学校强调终身健身. By Middle School and High School students can participate in volleyball, 夺旗橄榄球, 足球, 游泳和田径. But again, most importantly, students participate in ALP – Adventure Leadership Programs. BG大游官网们参加包括水肺潜水在内的夜间旅行, 山地自行车, 冲浪, 划独木舟和攀岩. 这些都是建立BG大游官网信心的活动类型, respect for the outdoor environment and encourage lifelong fitness. My children have only had wonderful athletic experiences at Westwood!”
— A. P. 卡茨
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