11 - 12年级

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (DP) is a two-year curriculum during the Grade 11 & 12年. The course of study is composed of three core components (扩展的文章, 知识理论- 托托, 和创造力, 行动 & 服务 – CAS) along with one subject from each of the six academic groups illustrated in the diagram below.


三个核心组成部分(扩展作文, 托托, and CAS) in the center of the hexagon are compulsory for all students. 然而, it is Westwood’s philosophy to tailor education to the needs of the student and so students are presented with a menu of options from which to choose so that their DP course is unique to their educational aspirations while maintaining exposure to subjects in all academic areas.

The DP course runs over two years and the subject choices students make at the start of Grade 11 continue to the end of Grade 12. BG大游官网选择:

  • 六组各选一名受试者.
  • 他们的选择中有三个必须达到标准水平(SL).
  • 其中三个选择必须是高级水平(HL).

It is not necessary to have studied your language choice prior to commencing the DP as you would study that language (Spanish or Mandarin) as an Ab Initio (beginner) student.

The differences between standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) are:
The volume of work covered at HL is typically about 30% more than at SL.
The additional work at HL is to a greater depth than the SL syllabus. 作为一般的经验法则, SL is equivalent to an Advanced Placement (AP) subject while HL is equivalent to a first year (or higher) college subject.

Because of the range and levels offered for each group subject, course descriptions can be obtained from The Westwood School upon application. To learn more, contact Director of Admission, Debra Giorgini, at dgiorgini@www.luckys-manhattan.com.

The 扩展的文章 is an in-depth essay focused on individual research of a topic chosen by the student in cooperation with their supervisor. It is presented as a formal piece of scholarship (thesis) of no more than 4,000 words followed by an interview (viva voce) about the subject matter. BG大游官网们通常要花40个小时做研究, writing and reviewing their paper which is externally assessed by IB examiners around the world.

知识理论(托托) centers on critical thinking. BG大游官网们思考他们是如何知道的, 而不是研究一个特定的知识体系, by analyzing knowledge claims such as: “I know the sky is blue” and by exploring knowledge questions such as “how do I know the sky is blue?” Often described as a philosophy course without philosophers, 托托 encourages every student to become theorists and to challenge the conventional wisdom of the day. Many students describe their 托托 experience as the most valuable course they took in High School.

除了他们的学术研究, Westwood students are expected to develop their skills in a variety of other areas, and the CAS program is designed to encourage this through approximately 150 hours of student-driven, hands-on learning experiences completed outside of the classroom during the two-year Diploma Programme. 下面将更详细地概述这些问题.

创造力 – students are expected to create something that did not previously exist. This can be a piece of art or a magazine or a club or a charity – anything that requires innovative and creative thinking to achieve.

行动 – students are expected to be involved in physical activities to maintain a healthy body and hence a healthy mind. Typically students are involved in a school-sponsored sport but they are not limited to this and can undertake any form of physical activity (rock climbing, 水肺潜水, 跳伞, 等).The crucial factor is that students are physically active.

服务 – any unpaid activity that is of benefit to an individual or organization is regarded as service. Often students are involved in a wide variety of charitable undertakings (blood drive, 善意的衣服, 小孩子玩的玩具, 在医院里义务工作, 帮助年轻BG大游官网学习阅读, 等.) but service can also be childcare during a school function, 帮助邻居, 或者在国外传教时服务. The important thing is that Westwood students learn to be givers as well as receivers in our society.

The Diploma Programme spans 11th and 12th Grade as a two-year curriculum. 以下是BG大游提供的课程. Because of the range and levels offered for each group subject, course descriptions can be obtained from The Westwood School upon application. To learn more contact Director of Admission, Debra Giorgini, at dgiorgini@www.luckys-manhattan.com.

“If you are looking for a school where your child is known by his first name, 由各级教职员工和教师负责, a school where people firmly believe in independent thinking, 自我尊重, 社区精神, 多元文化的包容和理解, 最重要的是, 学术, BG大游是你们的目的地! 我一直是蒙台梭利家长, 也是BG大游的家长, 我也成长了很多, 从BG大游官网不断变化的世界中学到了很多, 和我的孩子们一起. This school is set apart from the rest in so many ways…Here children are familiar personalities to their teachers and staff, 而不仅仅是人群中的另一张脸. 老师们都很友善,对每个人都很关注, finding the best way of maximizing each potential for success. 一切都很早就开始了, 在蹒跚学步的时候, and it beautifully grows into a place where teenagers feel proud and connected with whom they want to become.This school truly focusses on the child’s world, and the understanding of his needs and potential.”
— S. 帕特尔
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