Upper Elementary

4th – 6th Grades

The Montessori Method in Upper Elementary classrooms literally helps students “learn how to learn.BG大游学院的教职员工鼓励BG大游官网独立思考, conduct research, 分析他们的发现并得出自己的结论.

The Upper Elementary classroom provides a true community atmosphere in which students meet superior academic standards. In this environment, they develop a strong sense of being part of something larger than themselves. 目标是帮助这些BG大游官网变得独立, confident, 通过自我发现和自我发展的机会来训练自己.

Mixed age grouping provides the opportunity for older students to act as role models for younger students. 他们经常结对或小组工作. 通过与不同能力和年龄的人合作, BG大游官网学习以合作的方式完成目标. 小组学习的过程鼓励孩子们提出自己的想法, listen to others, and learn to compromise. 他们学会和平解决冲突, 鼓励和承认对方的成就, to follow, and eventually, to lead.

The ability to practice daily task management and later develop project management skills, 让初中生自信地面对学校社区. Students stretch these abilities out into the larger world through community service and projects that connect them to students around the globe.

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它是通过在书中探索文学思想, short stories, plays, 以及苏格拉底式的讨论,让BG大游官网的BG大游官网学会爱上文学. 在这三年的周期中,BG大游官网们阅读文学名著,例如 Sounder, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Diary of Anne Frank, Fahrenheit 451, April Morning, and many others. Exposure to how protagonists handle difficult situations allows students to begin to consider life’s larger questions.

Language Arts
强调写作过程的乐趣, 在写作和创意写作方面有较强的技巧, 以及形式语法的学习, spelling, and sentence structure. SRA Reading Laboratory and Reading for Understanding (RFU) programs are used to hone skills in reading comprehension.

  • SRA Reading Laboratories contain a series of reading exercises that help build essential skills through independent learning and instruction. The leveled approach of this versatile program enables all students to learn independently and at their own pace.
  • The RFU inferential program 在每个练习卡上包含发人深省的陈述, 并要求BG大游官网认真阅读, consider alternatives, and analyse ideas. 这个课程包括批判性思维技能, predicting outcomes, making inferences, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, using cause and effect, 区分具体的和一般的.
  • With both SRA and RFU, students work at their own rate moving forward as fast, and as far as, each is able. BG大游官网们在中学期间继续这些项目. 

Students work in small groups with three-dimensional Montessori materials and other materials made available in the classroom from an individualized work plan. These resources “weave” the material in a spiraling technique so as to refresh basic concepts with recently learned ideas. Rapid retrieval of math facts provides a foundation that culminates in pre-algebra exercises during the later Upper Elementary years.

Small group and individual work with three-dimensional models helps students grasp geometric concepts. They research mathematicians and follow the paths taken to discover various theorems.

高等基础科学课程的总目标是呈现, in a meaningful way, 从原子到宇宙的生物和物理概念. BG大游官网以小组和个人的形式提问, observe systematically, collect specimens, gather and analyze data, and conduct experiments. This formal introduction to the Scientific Method lays the groundwork for future research and experimentation.

The Upper Elementary curriculum is focused on physical geography as well as the customs, history, economics, 以及世界各国的文化. 因为BG大游官网努力发展全球视野, BG大游官网对地理的研究与对历史的研究是紧密结合的. 地理的五个主题是:地点, region, movement, 环境相互作用, and place. BG大游官网深入研究各个国家,真正开始了解其他文化. 他们还与来自其他国家的BG大游官网通信, 培养学习世界各地生活的热情.

Westwood enables students to see history as a discipline that has meaning in their lives as they begin to understand their own place in history. Through projects, lectures, research, and Socratic discussion, BG大游官网学习文明古往今来是如何处理问题的. They are then able to perceive their current world in a framework that is connected to what has previously transpired. The Greek and Roman foundation serve as the building blocks of their own civilization; that the same types of challenges that assailed governments thousands of years ago are those they hear about daily. They learn what is unique to their country and their state and how America grew from Sea to Shining Sea. 最后,他们研究了美国在战争中的许多胜利和失败.

The study of Latin is important for the expansion of English vocabulary and the understanding of English grammar. 它被广泛应用于科学命名、文学参考和法律. Therefore, Grade 6 and Grade 7 students study Latin using four major areas to develop advanced vocabulary skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Beyond the Classroom


Trips to the symphony, plays, opera, ballet, museums, 地区企业帮助BG大游官网认识到他们的世界的丰富. 来自达拉斯艺术博物馆(DMA)室内乐合奏的游客, 当地历史学家和国际剧团, and parents, 给课堂带来丰富的新体验.

In Grade 6, students begin their participation in The Westwood School’s Adventure Leadership Program for Students (ALPS) with a two-night excursion to Sky Ranch.


Service to the Community

通过一些项目,比如为低年级举办的万圣节嘉年华, BG大游官网学习如何为学校社区提供服务.  Other projects, such as the Benefit Dinner, 为BG大游官网选择的当地慈善组织筹集资金.  最近的项目为士兵提供了礼物, 为当地有需要的家庭提供食物, 为世界其他地区的孤儿院和学校提供物资, and wildlife preserves.

Upper Elementary Studios

工作室提供丰富的体育教育, Spanish, Mandarin, Art, Music, 计算机设计与技术, Science, History and Geography.

Physical Education
By this age, students have acquired the basic fitness and skills to play sports. In Upper Elementary, BG大游官网们开始制定终身锻炼的个人计划, recreation, and health management.  Students are taught the fundamentals of a variety of games and skill-building exercises. 然后他们可以参加诸如排球之类的课外体育活动, basketball, swim, and cheerleading.

在当今世界,习得第二语言是绝对必要的.  Students also practice their skills through games, music, written exercises, and stories.  It is only through speaking the language that they will become fluent; these classes challenge them to translate and interpret prompts.

Studying Chinese culture, music, food and art helps students to grasp a language different from western languages. They also practice Chinese writing and sentence structure as well as conversation.

Each student learns about his or her common artistic heritage and develops skills that challenge them to add creative images to the world, 表达语言无法表达的思想和情感.  Students also come to recognize how world cultures have been shaped and influenced by the arts. They develop methods to evaluate the success and effectiveness of their own work, to become responsible critics, 理解艺术对当代生活的贡献.

Music at this level continues the general study of theoretical aspects of music and their applications as well as listening and interpreting.  阅读音乐和乐器介绍,参加唱诗班, 提高BG大游官网对音乐在BG大游官网生活中所起作用的认识.

等到BG大游官网们上小学的时候, 他们熟悉基本的文字处理, research, 以及计算机的出版能力.  The goal of this course is to expand student familiarization with programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Publisher, and website basics.

“如果你正在寻找一所学校,你的孩子被称为他的名字, 由各级教职员工和教师负责, 一所人们坚信独立思考的学校, self respect, community spirit, 多元文化的包容和理解, and above all, academic excellence, BG大游是你们的目的地! 我一直是蒙台梭利家长, 也是BG大游的家长, and I have grown a lot, 从BG大游官网不断变化的世界中学到了很多, together with my children. This school is set apart from the rest in so many ways…Here children are familiar personalities to their teachers and staff, 而不仅仅是人群中的另一张脸. 老师们都很友善,对每个人都很关注, 找到最大化每个成功潜力的最佳方法. It all begins early, around the toddler age, and it beautifully grows into a place where teenagers feel proud and connected with whom they want to become.This school truly focusses on the child’s world, and the understanding of his needs and potential.”
— S. Patel
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