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BG大游官网的愿景, 作为老师, 家长和工作人员, is to encourage students in responsible citizenship so each can make a positive, personal contribution 和 actively participate in the national 和 global community. In a welcoming supportive environment, BG大游 mission is to provide 和 develop:

BG大游希望毕业生走出校门,走入社会,而不仅仅是为了做某事 伟大的 事情,不过是要去做 right 的事情. 在BG大游, we remain wholeheartedly committed to providing an exceptional education that emphasizes 个人道德 和 个人责任-所有的一切都在一个充满关怀和支持的社区中进行. 字符

BG大游承诺让这个世界比BG大游官网发现它时更好一点, 通过这个过程让自己变得更好. BG大游官网们通过奉献的服务来实践回馈他人的艺术. 这种哲学的一个表现是BG大游官网的传统 student-to-student指导-affording each student the opportunity to solidify personal skills while guiding peers. 同样的,BG大游官网 与家长合作 invokes many traditional as well as unique opportunities for parent involvement.  社区

BG大游为BG大游官网提供了一个 具有挑战性的 和创新 course of study that culminates in the 国际学士学位 (IB) Diploma, 世界上最受尊敬的高中学位. In keeping with the Montessori ideals of the school, Westwood presents students with 现实生活经验和实践学习. 卓越

这三种品质是BG大游文化的支柱. Specific emphasis is placed on student character; we instill in them the ability to thrive in an ever-changing world. We inspire voluntary learning, a sense of independence 和 self-confidence. The result is a habit of excellence 和 the necessary values to think critically 和 act responsibly. Parents become partners with Westwood in an educational process which is inclusive 和 diverse. BG大游官网把世界各地的孩子和家庭聚集在一起, 包括达拉斯社区的所有部分. BG大游官网的BG大游官网代表了40多个不同的国家. 有了这个广泛的社区基础, our students’ world view is broadened 和 their potential for academic excellence is emphasized.


Imagine a school where intellectual 和 physical adventures are the possibility. Imagine a place where one’s mind is challenged 和 stretched as you learn, 社区的范围扩大了, 和 the outdoors is a l和scape of opportunity –  where friends are made for a lifetime; where you discover you have the courage to go beyond your reach, 从不同的角度看自己. 想象一下,在一所学校里,优秀受到重视,学习充满乐趣. 这是BG大游路.

BG大游官网是一所国际学士学位世界学校, 实施IB文凭课程(DP), 蒙台梭利基金会. 在BG大游, students engage in Montessori from Toddler through Upper Elementary (two years old through 6th Grade) under fully-trained lead guides. 这些蒙台梭利基金会贯穿整个高中, 和 beginning in 11th Grade students enter the 国际学士学位 Programme as they progress towards their internationally acclaimed diploma.

Learn more about the Montessori or 国际学士学位 curriculum in 成绩7 - 10 IB DP课程 11 - 12年级.

欲了解更多信息,请访问BG大游官网的校园. 请致电总办事处(972)239-8598.



What we now refer to as the 蒙台梭利方法 was developed over a hundred years ago. 儿童发展研究的伟大先驱之一是Dr. 玛利亚蒙特梭利. Dr. Montessori, a physician in Rome, Italy, became interested in how the brain functions. She started her work with children with mental deficiencies 和 in 1907 began to work with other children.

她的兴趣让她意识到孩子们喜欢秩序和重复, 注意力很集中, 并从成功完成任务中获得满足感. Dr. Montessori revolutionized education by developing environments 和 materials that allow the spark of genius inherent in each child to shine.




  • 孩子——BG大游官网
  • Material – teaching environment, multi-sensorial materials, technology, etc.
  • 指南——老师

有岁了, 在3年的发展周期中交叉年级分组, children eventually internalize what they have learned by teaching the younger children. Montessori stresses learning by doing 和 teaching others, as mentors 和 role models. 孩子们从追随者变成领导者.

在BG大游,BG大游官网提供特别设计的, 多感官材料 不断地让孩子们参与自己的学习. 这使他们能够从经验中学习和理解. To inspire independent thinking, the materials allow children to learn for themselves. This encourages the children’s academic, social, 和 intellectual exploration.


Most of us recall the pressure to conform to the pace of the academic group during our own school years. Bright students had to wait for the group while students requiring more repetition were labeled “slow.“在BG大游,个体差异受到尊重. 该课程允许非常有天赋的BG大游官网快速学习. At the same time, students who need material repeated also feel comfortable. They develop tolerance for differences 和 learn to respect each other’s individual abilities.


勾股定理? 第一次世界大战的起因是什么? 或者谁是古腾堡以及他为什么重要?

Traditional teaching methods present abstract concepts built upon other abstract concepts. 大脑能够以这种方式记忆信息, 但往往无法整合信息. When knowledge is tied to a concrete concept, however, it is more apt to be retained permanently. In a Montessori classroom three-dimensional materials allow students to discover the concept, 在不同的情况下应用它, 然后对知识进行抽象.

蒙台梭利BG大游官网按照自己的节奏学习. They explore the environment 和 develop a sense of their own competence by doing for themselves. 逐渐, students become less adult-dependent 和 better able to make sound judgments, 同时保持学习的乐趣.

家长的附加信息- 学习更多在这里.

蒙特梭利序列与通用核心标准的比较 数学 & 几何语言艺术 & 读写能力 



成立于1960年代, 国际学士学位 or IB is an internationally recognized High School diploma that philosophically centers on learners engaging with global challenges through inquiry, 行动和反思. BG大游, Montessori和IB学术团体, 注重求知欲和个人责任感.


IB世界学校有着共同的理念——对高质量的承诺, 有挑战性的课程, 以及当今国际社会的教育. Several studies have indicated that the IB Diploma experience contributes to university success due to its integration of topics offering breadth 和 depth. 在高中的时候, BG大游官网获得强大的生产力/学习技能, 在承受学术压力的情况下,坚持不懈,平衡自如, 很强的写作, 研究, 以及分析思维能力. For these reasons, universities often give special considerations to IB Diploma graduates. 从大学学分(24小时在德克萨斯州, 例如,获得奖学金, 具有IB文凭的BG大游官网受到重视.

自2004年以来,Westwood一直是国际文凭组织(IB)授权的世界学校. Westwood is an international school maintaining the highest st和ards in the world; our Montessori-IB curriculum challenges students to reach beyond themselves 和 their communities to the world at large. 通过这些方法, BG大游既给BG大游官网一种地方感,也给BG大游官网一种历史感, 经济, social issues 和 culture of the local community 和 confidence to reach beyond themselves.

有关更多信息,请访问 国际文凭课程(IB) 网站.

We believe that Westwood offers a unique combination of challenges 和 support to students. This warm 和 caring environment has helped our son grow academically 和 emotionally.